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A Penn State bar in Denver seems like an unlikely place to think of a business idea. But here we are today and we have a crazy night and a crazier football game to thank for it. Before we continue it’s important to note that Charlie and I are not Penn State fans in any capacity. However, when we walked into that bar it was impossible not to be a Nittany Lion fan for the night.

Penn State played Iowa, the number 3 vs the number 5 team and a huge Big 10 rivalry to boot. By the end of the game we knew the Penn State fight song, the star players’ names (including the kicker), and that if you ordered a pitcher it better be a Yuengling. The rollercoaster of emotions rolled on through the close game until there was one play left. The ball was on the five yard line. If Iowa scored they won, if they didn’t Penn State won. The Iowa QB hiked the ball and threw a floater right into the middle of everyone. The ball was batted around for an eternity before it finally dropped to the ground. Penn State won and the bar erupted into celebration. Beers were thrown into the air and yells of triumph could be heard from blocks away. We must have hugged sixty strangers in a minute. The next morning we kept talking about the intense magnetism of sports. They capture people in a moment, and in these moments, you forget everything but the emotion and energy that surrounds you. And whether you’re a die hard fan, or a random group of friends that wandered into a Penn State bar, during these moments everybody is part of the same team. When we realized this it became our mission to create more of these moments. This blossomed into Ride Sports.

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